Gift Card or Promo Card Policy

Walters Gift Cards
Rules & Regulations:
  • Gift Cards may NOT be used to buy product online at this time
  • Gift Cards may NOT be purchased on our website at this time
  • Walters Gift Cards or Promo Cards may NOT be used to pay a customer account (shop or otherwise.)
  • Walters Gift Cards or Promo Cards may NOT be used to purchase another gift card.
  • Walters is not responsible if Gift Cards or Promo Cards are lost, damaged or stolen
  • A toll free number and website are located on the back of each card to provide the consumer information on their balance.
  • Walters Gift Cards do not expire and do not have any service or inactivity fees associated with them
  • Walters Promo Cards expires 90 days after the card is activated.
  • Promo Cards can only be activated at Walters Corporate Office. (please contact the Marketing Dept. for more information.)
  • Walters Gift Cards and Promo Cards are NOT reloadable.
  • Walters Gift Cards may only be purchased using: cash, credit card, or check.
  • Counter people should ALWAYS check the balance on a Gift Card or Promo Card before issuing it or redeeming it for payment. Before you swipe, verify how much is on the card.
  • Customers may NOT purchase Gift Cards on their accounts at the branch level.**
  • Gift Cards can only be bought on Cash Accounts/ Cash Sale tickets. If a customer wishes to purchase other items (Material) with the Gift Cards that is okay; as long as they are going to pay with: Cash, Credit or Check.
  • Credit Card purchases: please follow the Walters Credit Card Procedure
  • Each Gift Card must be put on its own line in Eclipse as you must enter the 15 digit card number.
  • In the Sales Screen the sales person must enter the dollar amount they wish to purchase otherwise the Total Screen will show as $0.
  • Eclipse will NOT let you activate the same Gift Card or Promo Card twice.
  • ONLY UPON REQUEST BY THE CUSTOMER: if the cash value on a Gift Cards (only) is less than $10, a customer could be given cash as change. The person at the branch would take the gift card and run the card for the remaining amount and tender cash instead.   *This rule does NOT apply to Promo Cards.
  • Only Admins, Branch managers, or power users at each branch can activate Gift Cards.

If you should have any questions, please contact Melissa Kobus at 562-988-3100 or via email at

  • For customers looking to purchase Gift Cards on their shop account, they must contact Walters Credit Dept. a the Corporate Office. (restrictions apply)**
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