Underground & Utility Division


Walters new Underground and Utility Division is able to service contractors that work directly with Utility and MRO sources, such as: Southern California Edison, AT&T, LADWP, in addition to many others.

Underground Utilities

What is Underground and Utility?

Before any type of construction is considered or started, power/electricity and communication services must be available. If there isn't or if the source is not in the necessary location, it must be installed or moved.  Additionally, once the source is available, it must then be brought into the building or site.

Traditional power sources were carried by aerial power lines. However in 1967, the PUC issued Decision 73078 which states: “undergrounding enhances safety and reliability, provides aesthetic benefits, and increases property values.  In general, undergrounding a facility may make the system more reliable (since the facility is protected by being underground).  At the same time, undergrounding may make the electric system less resilient since accessing the line/facility is made more complicated (and therefore taking longer when compared to above ground facilities).”

What do we offer?

Building upon Walters’ expansive inventory, our new Underground and Utility Division will have:

  • Utility PVC & HDPE Conduit
  • Large Radius PVC & Fiberglass Sweeps
  • Utility Boxes & Hand Holes
  • Wire Pulling & Duct Proofing Accessories
  • Aerial Utility Products
  • And more

A leader in conduit distribution, Walters’ new division, will also host an onsite manufacturing department to make specialty items for all underground and utility needs.

Who are we?

The Walters new Underground and Utility Division is led by industry expert, Michael Therrien, who possess over 20 years of experience in the field. In addition, Michael’s team of experts, possess a combined knowledge of over 100 years’ of experience.

Give us a call to find out more at 714-784-1730

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