Walters: Solves the Skills Gap Issue


Walters: Solves the Skills Gap Issue

                It isn’t news that the number of tradesmen has decreased within the past few years, and will continue to decrease in the future. Employers are having a difficult time trying to find qualified laborers that possess the right skills. This is causing a shortage of workers and a lack of qualifications that can impact the future of your business.

                This skills gap is caused by multiple factors. One being that the Baby Boomer generation is starting to retire, and those are the workers who poses the top skills for these tradesmen jobs. This gap is also caused by the younger generations being more focused on obtaining a four-year degree and finding a career in the business and technology industries. Meaning that less people are attending vocational schools and seeking jobs in the manual labor careers. There simply are not enough workers ready to take on these construction jobs.

                 With construction predicted to grow in the coming years, Walters is here to help. To solve that issue of workers who do not possess the top skills, Walters is proud to introduce our Greenlee AutoBend 3D. With our new pipe bender we can eliminate errors, reduce scraps, save money, increase labor productivity and work flow efficiency. This machine can bend EMT, Rigid, IMC, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Rigid pipe from sizes ½ inch to 4 inches.

In addition to custom bent electrical pipe, Walters also offers custom Prefab services to improve the performance of your jobs. Our Prefab service offers cutting and threading of bent ridged pipe, cutting and threading of custom length ridged nipples, sizes ½ inch to 4 inch, and custom cut MC Cable and luminary cable whips with ends stripped and ready to install.

With the skills gap, Walters pipe bender and prefab services can ease your stress and do the hard work for you. Take advantage of our pipe bending and prefab services today. Walters can have your materials and pipe perfectly bent and delivered to your job site the next day and ready to install. Walters is here to help you.

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