Summer: Beat the Heat


Summer: Beat the Heat

It’s the hottest time of the year, and Walters wants to make sure that you stay cool with these tips and tricks for summer!


More Water

Drinking water during these hot summer days is essential to keeping your body hydrated. Be sure to drink water REGULARY, and not just when you are thirsty. This will help to prevent dehydration. If needed, also be sure to take 5 minute breaks to cool off and drink more water. It also helps to stay away from sugar and caffeine, because these items can cause you to become even more dehydrated. Another tip to staying cool, is to drink cold water. Not only does water help, but drinking cold water can help keep your internal temperature cooler. Resulting in not overheating. Just to help and make your job easier, Walters is able to deliver water straight to your jobsite!


Cool as a Cucumber

Some jobs require you to work in direct sunlight, this can be a real challenge when trying to get your work done. Something as simple as shade could help make your job more productive. You could always grab a hat and sunglasses and head out to your next job. This will help keep yourself out of the high sun exposure. Both of these items are also available to order at Walters today! Another helpful tip is knowing your bodies cooling points or pulse points, and applying a cold/wet towel to them. A cooling point, is a specific spot on the body that can help to cool down the body more quickly and effectively. The back of your neck and wrists are easy ones to find. Try either running cold water on your wrists for 30 seconds, or applying a cold wet towel to the back of your neck.


Walters is stocked with all the supplies you to need to keep cool this summer. Sun hats, water, sunglasses and more! Walters always wants to ensure that our customers get everything they need. Reach out to your Walters branch today and lets us help you find just what you need to be chill all summer long.


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