Lutron Product Discontinuation Notice


Dear Valued Lutron Customer,

As Lutron continues to innovate with high performance control solutions, please take immediate action within your organization about the following announcement affecting Lutron’s EC3D Ballast Model products:

 1. The EcoSystem - 5%, 3 Wire dimmable, Programmed Rapid Start, UL Listed, K-case CFL compact bearing model numbers    

• EC3DT442KU2 (Non-Studded – K Case – 2 lamp 42W)

• EC3DT442KU2N (N- NOM- Compliance to Mexico Standard)

• EC3DT442KU2S (Studded)

• EC3DT442KU2SC80 (Custom 0.80 Ballast Factor)

• EC3DT442KU2SN (Studded- NOM for Mexico)

will be discontinued effective June 30th, 2018. Lutron encourages effective immediately to look for the replacements suggested below. Lutron will maintain limited warranty replacement stock to support existing installations per our Ballast warranty statement.

2. NOTE: Only 2 lamp 42W model will be discontinued. Rest of the product offering in EC3DT4... Ballast family remains the same.

 3. To take care of the customer, above and beyond the discontinuation date for 2 lamp 42W model, following options would be available

Obsolete Model # Description Suggested Replacement Model # Description
 •  EC3DT442KU2
 •  EC3DT442KU2N
 •  EC3DT442KU2S
 •  EC3DT442KU2SC80
 •  EC3DT442KU2SN
EcoSystem K Case- 2 lamp 42W Compact Ballast with 3Wire Dim, Digital /DALI control 1) EC3DT4MWKU2 1) Use 2 Lamp 32 W- for reduced lumens (64W out)- No fixture, function/ enclosure change
2) EC3DT442KU1 – 2) EC3DT442KU1- use 2 qty of 1 lamp model in fixture – needs fixture re-wiring



The options proposed have the same form factor (Ballast Enclosure), lamp sockets as discontinued 2x42 W model and would be a smooth transition.

Please refer to page 3 on spec sheet available here listing 2 lamp 42 model and choose your model.

For additional information and assistance concerning any discontinued product, please contact our Customer Service team at 1.888.588.7661.

Thank you for your continued support to Lutron.

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