The Underground and Utility Industry


Visit The New Underground and Utility Division at Walters Wholesale Electric Co.

The Underground and Utility industry is a world that many don’t know much about but it is so essential to the success of the overall construction process. Each day, construction workers who install cable, electrical, phone, water, or sewage utilities must deal with these dangers while trying to complete their jobs. By using top notch tools and the proper techniques, these dangers can be reduced.

There are a number of hazards associated with this type of work including:

  • Cave-ins
  • Confined spaces
  • Contact with overhead high voltage lines
  • Moving mechanical parts that can be dangerous to workers
  • Unguarded tools and equipment

Walters new Underground and Utility Division works with service contractors in this field helping them to have the best products and accessories for this type of work. We know how important it is to get the job done right while protecting and maintaining the infrastructure.

Walters Wholesale Serves All of Southern California

Each day, we work directly with Utility and MRO providers such as Southern California Edison, AT&T, LADWP and many others. Our mission is to deliver efficient, safe, high-quality solutions that prevent damage to the infrastructure and result in a superior finished product.

Our Underground and Utility Division can help you with advanced technology that ensures compliance, quality and reliability. Whether you’re performing locates or installing a full suite of utility services, our innovative solutions can help you succeed while preventing utility damage.

We’re proud of our new Underground and Utility Division because it fulfills an important need for utility and construction workers in southern California. Our product line includes:

  • Large Radius PVC & Fiberglass Sweeps
  • Utility PVC & HDPE Conduit
  • Utility Boxes & Hand Holes
  • Aerial Utility Products
  • Wire Pulling & Duct Proofing Accessories

Walters also has an onsite manufacturing department that can design specialty items for your underground and utility projects. Just let our specialists know what you need and we’ll take care of it.

Get Valuable Expertise for Your Next Project

The Underground and Utility Division team is led by Michael Therrien and has over 100 years of combined experience in this field.  This type of experience can greatly enhance your project.

Walters Wholesale Electric Co. offers these and many other professional services and products to electricians, construction workers and utility workers. Over the years, our products and services have expanded to provide industrial automation, lighting and controls, energy management and many other professional services.

Other Professional Services

We work with local and regional government agencies who need lighting and safety products. In addition, we have a new pipe bending machine, the AutoBend 3D. This machine is the first of its kind on the West Coast featuring accuracy, precision and ease-of-use.

We Deliver On Time!

At Walters, we stock a huge inventory of quality products used throughout the construction industry from our central distribution center in Brea, California. With over 500 employees, Walters Wholesale works hard each day to help those in construction, lighting, and utilities have the quality products and services they need to get their projects completed on time and within budget.

As one of the largest wholesale electric distributors on the West Coast, we serve the construction and utility industries with a huge inventory of products along with low prices and reliable delivery schedules. We’re committed to serving our customers. For more information, please visit our website: Walters Wholesale Electric.


Written by: Carolyn Sorrell

Carolyn Sorrell is a Texas-based writer and editor who covers a wide range of industries from Internet security to electrical distributors. She has a dozen books available on Amazon. You can reach her at or visit her website:


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