5 Things Every Electrician Needs in their tool belt


5 Things Every Electrician Needs in their tool belt

When it comes to tools there are so many to choose from. Being an electrician, you have those 5 special tools you are always going back to grab from your tool belt. Here are the 5 tools every electrician absolutely must have:


  • Pliers

Electrical work can’t be done without a great set of pliers. Needle nose and linesman pliers are your top dogs of the hand tools. They are critical for electricians to manipulate and cut wire. They are always coming in at their best to dominate that wire and help you complete your job.


  • Tape Measure

The tape measure is an oldie, but a goodie. They are simple and always so accurate. You can’t leave your house without a tape measure. He lays it all out there for you to make sure every switch, light fixture, cutout and more is in the perfect place. You can always trust him. He is a classic.


  • Wire strippers

This hand tool is your best friend, they always have your back when you are in rough situation. They can come with different sized holes that allow you to cut, strip, and bend various wire sizes. A wire stripper is easy to use and won’t let you down. Thanks best friend.


  • Screwdriver

Flathead or Philips head we love them all. They are the glue that holds us all together. A screwdriver is with an electrician at all times. Removing and installing. They are the finishing touches that make us complete. We say thank you for never screwing things up.


  • Power Drill

The power drill is there to make your life easier and the job go faster. They are basically that extra shot of espresso that you need when you can’t keep your eyes open. Just grab that charged battery and he is always there with high energy ready to help you succeed.


Being used multiple times a day, you want to make sure that your tools are properly taken care of.

Be sure to keep your tools dry to avoid them from getting rusty. Moisture can ruin tools, so it is important to keep them stored properly. Before putting your tools away, it’s also great to clean off any oils, grease and the dirt that you had been working in. Also, check your tools for any damage and make sure to repair them when necessary.

Walters stocks hundreds of different types and brands of tools that will have you ready for your next job. We also have a specialized tool division and tool repair center that make sure you get what you need. Walters is here to help you and your tools stay productive all day long!

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