Pipe Bender FAQ's


Walters Pipe Bender FAQ’s

Today’s pipe bending processes are too often characterized by inaccuracy, inefficiency, costly labor and material waste. Many times we see a “Bone Yard” on jobsites. However, with the new AutoBend 3D, Walters can now help our customers by bending their pipe to be uniformed and precise each time.
The Pipe Bender will be managed by Ryan Skodje, he is a Certified Journeyman Electrician with 22 years of electrical contracting under his belt and owned his own Electrical Company for 8 years.
Walter can bend: EMT, Rigid, IMC, Stainless and Aluminum Rigid pipe. We are unable to bend: PVC and PVC Coated pipe .
½ inch up to 4 inch pipe
No, sizes ½ inch thru 4 inch only.
Yes, in rigid type pipe we can supply special radius bends. However, we are unable to supply this for EMT bends.
No, the AutoBend applies the same bending concepts as any other conduit bending equipment would offer.
Yes, it works with “Revit” and “Greenlee Bendworks”.
Walters has created a simple form for customer to use to send in their bend requests. We also accept Revit or Bendwork files.
If ordered by 11:00 am, orders fewer than 20 bends can be delivered the next day. Lead times will be dependent on current work load. *Special Restrictions may apply.
No, we are only able to bend electrical pipe.
Walters has had specialized carts made to ensure transportation and delivery of the bent pipe will make it to your job site safely without damage. *Special restrictions apply.
Yes, we can arrange a demo. Please email autobend@walterwholesale.com.
Yes, Walters will also offer: Cutting and threading of bent ridged pipe, Cutting and threading of custom length ridged nipples (Sizes: ½ inch thru 4 inch) and Custom cut MC Cable and Luminary Cable whips with ends stripped and ready to install and more.
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