Walters converts: Eclipse Software

July 7, 2016


Dear Valued Customer:


 Walters Wholesale Electric Company is pleased to announce that on July 18, 2016, we will be completing the transition to our new computer operating system.


 While we are confident this change will improve our total service to you we would like to make you aware of changes that are specific to our invoices, statements, terms and conditions, remittance information and our new web portal.


1. Any invoices dated 07/17/2016 and later will reflect your new customer account number, which will be posted on all invoices and statements going forward.


       2. Please note that statements will continue to be sent out on the first day following the close of the
       month.  This means that your new statement will go out on 08/01/2016.  In addition, invoices prior to
       07/15/2016 that were billed under our previous system will appear on your new statement with a new
       invoice number.  However, the original invoice number will be referenced beside it on the new statements.

      3. For a complete listing of our terms and conditions go to:


         4. Our remittance address for all payments is unchanged.

Walters Wholesale Electric Co.

PO Box 91929

Long Beach, CA  90809-1929


  5. Please note that the existing Walters Web Service Center will no longer be available. However, we will now offer convenient ways for you to receive your invoices using email and Invoice Gateway.

Invoice Gateway is a secure online site. This new service is an easy-to-use, online tool for managing your invoices. With Invoice Gateway, you are notified by email when new invoices are posted.  You can search, sort, view, print, download and even pay on this site. Save time and money. 

Access our new site, (, by using your new account # and the new Web Enrollment Token printed at the bottom of any invoice dated 07/17/2016 and later.

 Please contact with any questions or comments.  

 We thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated.



 Bill Durkee

President, Walters Wholesale Electric Company